Friday, July 15, 2011

Treasure Chest

My sister, brother-in-law and parents gave us a wonderful surprise recently of a small hand made chest to hold Jairus's things. It's a great treasure for us, it holds most of his tiny things in one place rather than their being scattered throughout the house.
My brother-in-law Alex does a lot of wood work and this gift really shows off his talent. My sister chose the beautiful photo of our son and my parents had the plaque made for the top which has his name, birth date and epitaph on it. A true labor of love.

Inside we're able to hold ultrasound photos, pictures of us holding Jairus, blankets, preemie-size clothes, a molding of his footprints, all his newborn bracelets and measurements, a figurine containing locks of his dark hair, brochures from the funeral, the audio recording of his funeral, his knit hat, an ornament, the teddy bear we had with us in the delivery room and a few mementos people have blessed us with to remember our 3rd child.

This gift has touched our hearts at a time when we needed to be reminded that the last 6 1/2 months mattered to those outside the walls of our home. That Jairus's life impacted others. That his joy in Heaven is complete and we can rejoice in having him there AND treasure the gift his life was here.

Thank you Uncle Alex, Auntie Shelby, Oma and Opa.
Our beautiful boy was blessed to have you in his family. And so are we.