Friday, September 16, 2011

Building Memories

Last week we had the blessing of going to Florida for a week! We stayed with Mark's twin brother and his family and had such a WONDERFUL time relaxing, swimming in the ocean, hanging out with nieces and nephews and, of course, taking in Disney World!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our time there...

 Neither child had any memory of seeing an ocean (Emma was 5 months old last time we were at one) and it was such a joy to see them playing in the waves! They weren't quite sure what to make of salt water...Emma said the water "tastes like a lollipop", Hazen thought the "sugar in the water [was] yucky"...

We did one day at Downtown Disney and rode on the monorail. 

Then we spent one power charged day at the Magic Kingdom. My brother and sister in law are experts at the Disney thing, we had SO MUCH FUN and got to go on every ride in the park as well as meeting a few characters! And, as anyone who knows her would guess, Emma was totally in her element with all the dress up and princesses everywhere!

I asked Hazen what his favorite part of the trip was, he kept repeating that, where ever we went during the week, it was his cousins :) Thanks Josie, Jake, Gabby and Luke for making their trip so memorable!

Throughout the wonderful vacation, someone was missing. He should have been sitting in the waves, trying to eat sand. Napping in the Moby wrap while his brother and sister enjoyed rides at Disney, gotten hugs from fairies and pictures with superheroes. I wish he could have had a meltdown while we ate and wet through his cute outfits while we were out and about. I would have loved to worry about sunburned skin and diaper rash this year. No matter where we go, we miss you baby Jairus. Our trip was great, but not complete because you weren't there to share it with us. And I missed you in Florida.

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