Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hazen Josiah

3 years ago today, we joyfully welcomed Hazen into the world! He was so excited to arrive, he came when I was 37 weeks pregnant and so weighed in at a tiny 5lb 1.8oz. His enthusiasm and passion for life has continued everyday of his short life thus far, and we love watching him growing up!

We had no idea how much Hazen would teach us about love, laughter, patience, perseverance and fun!
His belly laugh could get anyone smiling and he plays fantastically with his big sister Emma. His favorite toys are his Cars and he loves to wrestle and ride his tricycle in the driveway. He's catching up to Emma size-wise and is excited to start gymnastics with her this fall too. He keeps us on our toes while he's off on adventures and letting you know what he's got in mind.

Big sister Emma (18 months older) is his best friend and constant companion. Their close age has made them playmates from the very beginning, and we hope to see their bond continue to grow as they do.

His little brother looked exactly like him at birth, except Hazen arrived with a shock of blond hair and a piercing scream ;) Today his big smile and sneaky giggle are totally contagious, and I'm grateful to see him as a window into what Jairus may have looked like as he grew too.

Everyone says it as their children grow, but its too true to avoid...I can't believe he's growing up so fast!!

 Hazen Raisen, we love you more than you could possibly know right now. I hope you never doubt that.
Watching you grow into the man God has meant for you to be has been and will continue to be a wonderful adventure! I am so honored to be your Mommy. Thank you for your endless hugs and giggles. Thank you for teaching me at least as much as I have tried to teach you. You are a treasure to us.

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