Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's A Wonderful Life?!

Sunday, January 1st, my wonderful husband Mark had the opportunity to preach at our church about the journey our family has been on this past year. He shared Jairus's story and how we have been witness to God's Goodness, Faithfulness and Loving Comfort through the pain of losing our precious son. I hope you can take some time to listen or watch. Mark and I share our story not that we would receive any praise, but that God, who is Worthy, would be shown off in His Greatness!

May you know, when hardship comes (because it comes to us all, regardless of who/where/what we are), Jesus is there for you, there with you. He too suffered. He alone has brought healing to our souls. And His Daddy is the One who gave the life of His own precious Son for you. You are treasured beyond what you can know.

It's A Wonderful Life?

The above link has an audio version (from one service) and video version (from a second service) of the sermon. Here's the video....

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