Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Made For It, Don't Want It.

Death sucks. Did you ever wonder why?

It's because we're not supposed to die. Death is not a natural part of life (no matter how many funerals you have been to that told you so). The reason your heart is broken and you ache so terribly for your loved one is because you were not designed to accept death. You're designed, to live. And so was I. And so was Jairus.

And grief is the scream of your soul that IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS!!

When God first made people, He put them in a beautiful garden. And He would hang out with them there. And they were in perfect, joyful, pure relationship with God. God told them that He loved them and they knew He did. With all their hearts they knew God's love, and it was very good. They were created to live forever with God there in the garden. He made them to be His children, who could enjoy Him and live in perfect harmonious joy with Him, forever.
But instead of being satisfied with God and what He had told them, people decided to turn away from God and away from His love. They did what they wanted to do, instead of trusting what God had told them was best. When a Liar came to them, he made them doubt God's love. And people chose to listen to the lie, and not to the Truth. It's called sin. And it broke God's heart.
So God sent them away from the beautiful garden so that they would not have to live forever in the pain that their sin had brought into the world. In the decay and darkness and death. God still loved them though. He was tender and cared for them, clothed them and promised them that one day, He would come to deal with the one who had lied to them, He would come back to rescue them, to save them, to bring them back into perfect relationship with Himself. And He would, and He did.

You see, you're not created to die, you're created to live. But because of sin, there is death, and sickness, and pain, and toil and grief. It is not what God wanted for His children. He always knew it would come to be this way though. He always knew His children would turn from Him and hate Him (isn't it amazing that He chose to create us at all?!). That's why He had His rescue plan in action before the foundations of the world. So that He could show to you the extent of His great love, that He really would do anything to be with you. He would even suffer and die to be with you forever, in that perfect love and joy and harmony He wants to have with you. In heaven. Through Jesus.

So don't get comfortable with death. Hate death because it is unnatural. And hate sin because it leads to death. Cling to life, cling to Jesus. Only through His blood is there any hope to get back to that garden.

Here is a sermon our good friend Steve preached the Sunday following Jairus' death. In it he wrestles with the reality of grief and the good news of Jesus and how those two intermingle.
Please find some time to hear it.
Audio Version:
Video version:

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  1. I love this post. I remember Shelby telling me about that sermon when she came home and I couldn't wait to listen to it. I love when our human emotions, although tricky and misleading at times, are actually justified in certain situations!

    I thought of you so much today. Walking through the commissary this evening, my mind was flooded with thoughts of you and I stopped in the middle of the cereal isle to pray (pretending to look at Cheerios, of course). It's a weird thing to express, but I feel so honored to know you through this trial. I feel so blessed to mourn with you and to be on this side of it with Shelby. The Lord is using this a great deal as He molds my heart and teaches me how to best grieve with those who grieve.

    You are loved, dear Meg.