Friday, May 20, 2011

Bloomin' Treetops Batman!

It's been a long winter. And I think I can safely say that for all of us who live here in the great North, too close to the frozen tundra for my comfort much of the year, but here we are and here we stay. I heard we had snow for 6  months straight this winter. Now that's just nauseating. Not that I hate snow, I actually really love it, so peaceful and beautiful and fun for the kids. For the first 2 weeks anyway. After that I'm about done. Which means we had only about 24 weeks extra winter than I ordered. What can you do.

Despite the few false starts we had this season, spring is a great celebration here in Minnesota. You have to give it that. When you're stuck inside for 6 months straight, spring means you get to officially remeet your neighbors, that everyone is gardening and the smell of blossoms and barbeque's is nearly intoxicating every time you open a window! Those in the Midwest appreciate spring in a very wonderful and embracing way. And it's worth celebrating! Everything's blooming, people are smiling again, children are outside laughing. Hazen enjoys declaring every time we go outside, "No hat, no gloves, no boots!!" Gotta love it.

Especially when you consider that this is what we woke up to on April 22nd this year...

And this is our view of the same 2 trees just over 3 weeks later...

It's no wonder we bought our house in the springtime. 

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  1. Just over 3 weeks later - No one reading that and seeing these pictures would ever believe it if they didn't live here! And even we seem to forget and go into fresh shock each year. Do you think the long freezes, year after year, affect our common sense?!