Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye Bye Diapers

I'm a reluctant potty-trainer. I had lots of false starts when it was Emma's turn and it burnt me out a bit. I knew with Hazen I'd wait until he was more ready. But then when Jairus died this winter, I began to fear the entire process. Though many parents are thrilled to have everyone under their roof out of diapers, that wasn't supposed to be us for another couple years at least. And I just wasn't ready to be at that threshold.

Besides, since Hazen was about 6 months old we'd been using cloth diapers and, well, I like cloth diapers. I'm not ready for them to go into storage. Or turn into shop rags. Or whatever it is you do with cloth diapers when you don't need them anymore.

I'm sure they call it denial, but my little Hazen just couldn't be ready to be a big boy yet. Or could he?

In March, Mark (rightfully) declared that Hazen was indeed ready and we had to at least try potty training. It would be beneficial for him to feel like a big boy, and to give his skin a break (sensitivity has been an issue for Hazen's skin since birth, even with cloth) as well as lightening my laundry load.

That was about 8 weeks ago.

 Hazen hasn't had an accident in 5 days.

Which in my book declares him fully potty trained and officially a Big-Boy! He was so obviously ready for this part of growing up. And he's LOVING his big boy underpants. We are so proud of him. Way to go Hazen!!

And I'm enjoying less laundry.


  1. He's getting soooo big!! Wow! So cute! -mego

  2. What a cute kid. So glad he's got your smile Meg.