Saturday, August 27, 2011

The 28th Comes Around

Tomorrow is August 28th.

It will mark 8 months since Jairus was born still back in December.

Ohh how terribly we miss our sweet baby. All summer, when I go to a park or a store and kind people comment on how busy I must be with my 2 and 4 year old, I smile to hide my sadness...I'm not nearly as busy as I'd like...

I'd rather be losing sleep, and dealing with teething, and tantrums, and baby food. I'd rather be rinsing out poopy (cloth) diapers and searching for missing pacifiers and racing to keep the older kids from feeding toys into his mouth. I'd rather see him learning to sit, to scoot and to crawl.

I'm not so busy. My baby isn't here. My kiddos are growing up and are more independent everyday. I love everything they are doing and learning SO MUCH.

I just wish he was here to be a part of it.

Happy 8 Months my Sweet


  1. I'm always taken by what a beautiful little boy Jairus was. And today as I was looking at our caterpillar's chrysalis, it struck me that his heavenly body must be SO magnificent! I can't imagine...but still, we miss him here terribly.

  2. I love your deep love for your son meg. Your words are beautiful and heartfelt. They remind me that every day with my children is a gift. Happy 8 month birthday Jairus. I'm sure your (heavenly) Daddy will through you a rockin' little party.

  3. Jairus has been especially heavy on my heart the last two days...I ache for you, but also rejoice in knowing that someday we'll get to see him again. I love you and my precious little nephew. Please know I'm praying for you, Mark, Emma, and Hazen to continually seek His peace through this.