Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Months Old

It's April 28th. 
Which means 4 months ago today our precious little boy was born to us. 
He was already in the arms of Jesus. 
And my heart still aches. 

I miss him all day every day.
But you might not be able to tell.
I smile more and laugh more. 
And my heart still aches.

We're making memories everyday
But he's not a part of them.
First smiles and giggles and falls have never come
And my heart still aches.

It may be true, he's better off there
and I know in my head that it is...
He with his loving Creator, his time here was fulfilled.
And my heart still aches. 

We love you baby boy. 
We miss you everyday. 
You will not return to us, but we will go to you.
And then the heart won't ache.


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