Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm looking for Polar Bear

For a light hearted break from the heaviness of the joyful Holiday we just experienced...

I'd like to introduce you to Polar Bear
Emma's shot of her Polar

He came to us one sunny afternoon in San Diego while Mommy and Daddy were riding a roller coaster at Sea World. When we returned to the stroller and grandmother holding our baby daughter, we were amazed that a teddy bear could "just fall into the stroller" like that...suspicions towards Oma arose...
4 months old with her new friend

Making sure he's not an imposter
It was love at first sight for Emma and her Polar Bear has never left her side. When she started speaking she called him "Podis" which was too cute for words. She later corrected herself and us, thus renaming him "Polar"

Instead of a pacifier Emma sucked on Polar's tail....strange enough on its own but add a mouth with baby food remnants and its just plain nasty. To this day, after Polar gets washed or is found after he's been missing, Emma absent-mindedly rubs his tail on her face. I recently asked her why she does that, she said she's "checking just because" so who knows.
As Emma grew, along came Hazen. But Polar was always right there with the two of them. A beloved friend of all. Emma is sometimes willing to share her "Covey" as she calls all stuffed animals. And whenever she is, Hazen makes sure to get some good time in with Polar. He's like a superstar.

Hazen (4 months old) gets some Polar love.

To prevent a slip up, we had two polar bears for awhile. We'd rotate them so one was in the wash and one was in her arms. We were pretty sneaky about it, and it was months before Emma caught on. But then the reason for the second bear came to fruition as one night we came home from the park....with no polar bear. We looked for days, but to no avail. He was gone. 
After Polar went swimming at a campground
Polar's been with on every trip we've ever taken as a family. Accompanied us to various weddings, holidays, birthday parties and countless trips to the grocery store. He often goes missing, or "hides" as the kids say. I often find him in the back of a kitchen cupboard under a pan holder (I'm told he's "taking a nap" and I should leave him alone) or in a backpack Hazen is playing with and Emma is screaming about, or a shoe box in the closet. Hazen loves Polar too, and always helps Emma look when she can't remember where Polar is hiding. He's really a member of the family. Like a pet that's always trying to run away...
Now I try to keep a very tight eye on Polar, he only comes along on certain family outings, limited to places where other people know who he is. Namely our church, where when Polar goes missing, the wonderful people of Hope will send out a search party to help us find him. If you see me wandering around looking bewildered, its a 50-50 shot I'm looking for either a child or for Polar Bear. Both usually turn up. 

Oh Polar I love you too, and one day you will sit on a shelf instead of under Emma's arm, so we're going to enjoy our time with you, little teddy bear. Because you remind us of the love and joy of childhood :)


  1. Thank you for this wonderful synopsis of love! Honestly - I just don't know how that little bear ended up in that stroller!

  2. I love this! When is Polar's birthday! We can throw him a party this year :)