Saturday, June 25, 2011

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

One of the struggles for women who lose the life of their children is the overwhelming feeling of isolation. Many feel like they are the only ones who are hurting, who have experienced such a deep wound. That they should not mourn their unborn baby's lost life. That they are to blame for the fact that something terrible happened to their child inside their womb.
Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope is trying to combat those lies and help women understand that they are not alone, nor to blame, for what has happened to them having gone through a miscarraige, stillbirth or infant loss. It offers a community for grieving parents (mostly mothers but not all) who are struggling to come to terms with their new realities.
Check out their website for many stories of hurt as well as healing, and also for resources that are helpful for friends and family of couples going through the loss of a baby. You can search by keyword for specific types of loss or circumstances. Be forewarned though, its a website that is for healing and grieving, so tears and heartache are a part of the stories you will find there. Grab a tissue.

Here's my own entry, a recap of Jairus's birth story.

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