Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Firsts

To my husband,

Thank you for always being you.
For your warmth and encouragement and laughter. No one gets me like you.
For digging into my soul and heart, for offering your own so freely.
For holding our family up when you hardly had the strength for your own two feet.

Thank you for always being you.
For learning and loving and living each day for us.
For working hard to provide as you were led to do.
For letting me be a professional Mommy.

Thank you for being you.
For being a man among men.
For being imitate-able, so Hazen will not grow up wondering what a true man is.
For being honorable so that Emma has the chance to rest in the knowledge that her Daddy loves her.

Thank you for always being you.
For seeking and following the One worth going after.
For sacrificially leading and guiding, turning our faces toward what awaits.
For standing firm on the foundation that won't give way.

Thank you for being you
For years of laughter and memories behind us and those yet to come.
For bringing smiles where there are tears and joy where there is sorrow.
For celebrating Heaven's True Father and the honor our boy has to grow up in His presence.

It is no small thing. 

I am honored to be your wife and gratefully blessed my children may call you Daddy. 

Happy Father's Day Mark. 

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