Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Emma and Hazen....Love, Jairus

I'm Going To Live In Heaven Now

Hello Brother! Hello Sister!
It's almost time for me to go. 
I'm going to live in Heaven now, 
Jesus has called me home. 

It's OK to miss me
And it's OK to cry
It's OK to feel upset
And to ask the question 'why.'

But it's just fine to be happy too,
And to go on with your play.
Tell Mom and Dad I'm full of joy...
That I'll be with you all one day.

Dying means saying goodbye
It's time at last to go, 
To Heaven where I will worship God
Over the bright rainbow. 

Don't be scared brother. Don't be scared sister. 
Dying is not something to dread.
It's like taking off your dress-up clothes.
But I'm taking off my body instead. 

My body will stay here on earth,
From it I've been set free.
I'm going to live in Heaven now, 
Because Jesus has saved me!

Mommy and Daddy will bury my body, 
But I'm not in the ground. 
I'm going to live in Heaven now, 
Where I'll be safe and sound.

I love you Brother. I love you Sister. Remember, 
Death is not the end. 
One day you'll come to Heaven too. 
We'll be forever friends. 

Then we will dance
On the streets made of gold,
We'll laugh with the angels, 
We'll see Glories untold.

Where God lives with us,
And we'll always be
With Him because 
Jesus died on the tree.

When He rose up again, 
He beat death once for all. 
So when we're done here
Our names He will call. 

Goodbye Brother. Goodbye Sister. Jesus 
Told me its my day!
I'm going to live in Heaven now.
I'll see you again someday. 


  1. looks like you just wrote your first book:) What a treasure for all of us. Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness. THE COOLEST THOUGHTS I have EVER read. Hands down. What a blessing.
    I feel like the Holy Spirit WROTE this poem, & you were just His tool....
    Nothing short of amazing.
    Write ON, Sister!!
    Perhaps God's "good" that will come of the pain that still hurts, is the impact you WILL have on so many, by reaching hurting people's souls, with Christ's WORDS OF FREEDOM!!!
    I have never lost a child, and I am rocked to the core, so deeply. I am changed, just for having read this..... truly.
    What a gentle, yet powerful reminder, to all of us, of the Hope that awaits us. Amazing.