Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Photos

I am SO grateful to be able to tell you about our friends at DnK Photography!
Dan and Karin attend our church and recently gifted our family with a family photo session! We were so incredibly blessed by their generosity and giving of their talents. 

I especially appreciated Karin's willingness to help us include Jairus in some way in our pictures. It was my biggest concern with having pictures taken, how could we get "family" photos without our whole family? It also brought up my regret of never getting a picture of Emma and Hazen with Jairus. It was a decision made in the shock and fear of what was happening on the morning of Jairus's birth, but I have since regretted that we won't have a picture of the whole family. So I was anxious to try and include my 3rd child in a family photo, even in some small way. Karin was amazingly supportive of this idea for which I am so grateful. 

I brought along Jairus's hat and blanket that he wore in the hospital, the teddy bear we received in the hospital in a grieving families care basket and the blanket my parents gave our then unborn baby #3 for Christmas. I also wore a locket a friend gave me that has 2 of Jairus's photos inside and his name on the front. You can see them in some of the shots below.

I'm sure I'll use these again and others in future posts, so you'll probably have to put up with some repetition. I'm super happy with how they all came out and its hard to not show you all of them at once!
THANK YOU to DnK Photography for these beautiful pictures of my sweet family. 
We praise God for you guys.


  1. These are so nice! I love that they are outside, so vibrant! DnK helped me with senior photos last fall. They have great capturing talent.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Meg! I especially love the one of you with the kids.

  3. Meg! These are beautiful! And your tattoo turned out wonderfully! What a beautiful family you have!

  4. Beautiful pictures! How wonderful that Jairus could be included in such meaningful ways. I also liked seeing Emma in her tiara! Miss you guys...(Ms. Kelly)