Saturday, October 15, 2011


I sat down to blog while the kids watch TV, but being that they are watching a video that is all in rhyme, everything I write seems more like a Dr Seuss book than anything constructive. On the other hand...they ARE watching one of my favorite Veggie Tales stories.... A Snoodle's Tales (we stream it from Netflix)

Love it. Speaks so well of how what others say to us and about us changes the way we see ourselves. But we are ultimately not who they say we are, only who our Creator has made us to be. And with that understanding, of HIS great love for us demonstrated in His Son Jesus dying on the cross to bring us into the family of God, nothing else really matters. 

Side note I'm just messing around with the blog design so bear with me as it continues to change :) Thanks!

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  1. This is MY FAVORITE Veggie Tales story. It makes me cry every time I watch it. I love the care, grace, love and Truth that God speaks to the little snoodle. :)